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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Getting an unbiased and independent pre-purchase inspection by a KAAR Mobile auto-technician offers many advantages to car buyers and sellers;

  • We come to you – we’ll travel to any car-yard or private address in Auckland
  • Our auto-technicians are fully trained and know what to look for when inspecting a car
  • Opinions given on a vehicle are independent and unbiased
  • We can uncover any necessary repair work – immediate or future repairs
  • We can give an estimation on the cost of any repair work
  • We can point our any obvious defects and provide advice on vehicle purchasing, and
  • You gain the knowledge required to negotiate with the seller should you wish to purchase the car – that way you and the seller can be assured of a fair price.

A KAAR Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Works Like This

We’ll travel anywhere in Auckland to inspect the vehicle you’re interested in.  We’ll give it a thorough checkover, pointing out both the good features, and the not so good features.

If the vehicle has obvious faults, we’ll let you know and provide an idea of what it might cost to repair those faults.

Then we’ll leave you to negotiate with the vehicle’s seller.

Competative Pricing

A KAAR Mobile vehicle pre-inspection costs just $195 + gst. Think of the peace of mind an independent vehicle inspection gives and that’s well worth it.

Book online now or phone 0800 522-734.

What Does a KAAR Mobile Inspection Cover?

A KAAR mobile vehicle inspection includes:

  • Exterior – all lights working, bodywork sound, and no evidence of damage that may indicate an accident.
  • Interior – all interior features functioning, including dashboard lights, seatbelts etc.
  • Under the vehicle – chasis straight, no sign of damage or rust.
  • Brakes – both foot and handbrake functioning, brake hoses and brake system functioning.
  • Motor – motor runs well, engine mountings and oil seals performing as the should.
  • Radiator & cooling system – radiator hoses, thermostat, water pump etc.
  • Exhaust system – exhaust manifold, muffler, catalytic converter, etc.
  • Electronics / electrical system – battery, lights, dashboard gauges, lights etc.
  • Steering sytem – Steering rack, electronic parts etc.
  • Transmission / gears – both automatic or a manual.

What Does a KAAR Mobile Inspection NOT Cover?

A KAAR pre-purchase inspection does not dismantle mechanical components such as wheel bearings, pistons, crankshaft, etc.  For this reason, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee.  We can, however, identify any obvious or potential issues with the vehicle you intend to purchase.

Book online now or phone 0800 522-734.